CFO Services for Nonprofits

Due to the changes in the fundraising environment and increasing challenges related to soliciting donations, nonprofits have had to open up new revenue streams, often reworking business models to more closely resemble those of for-profit businesses.

With a background that cross the boundaries of for profit and not for profit businesses, Lescault and Walderman is uniquely equipped to provide support for the creative grant and revenue-generating programs.

We provide CFO services to nonprofit organization, including:

  • Public charities
  • Foundations
  • Flexible Benefit Corporations
  • B-Corporations
  • L3Cs
  • Social advocacy organizations
  • Professional and trade organizations
  • Other associations

Our Nonprofit CFO Services

When you engage LWI to oversee and advise on your advanced financial management responsibilities, you will receive

  • Budgeting assistance
  • Internal controls and monitoring
  • Meticulous donor tracking and expense management
  • Cashflow management
  • Accounting systems optimization
  • Financial systems integrity and transparency
  • Functional income expense tracking
  • Expert financial guidance
  • Board of director reporting

Grant Tracking and Compliance

Local, state, federal and private grants come with a significant set of financial management requirements. There are considerable expectations around how you manage, account for and report on these funds. We develop custom management and reporting approaches that comply with both grant requirements and legal statutes, while allowing organizations to manage the programs overall operational effectiveness.

Program Reporting and Management

Nonprofit organizations manage multiple programs as part of their mission. Independently tracking and managing the metrics associated with each program is key to determining profitability and maximizing effectiveness. LWI has the systems and processes needed to isolate and monitor a wide variety of program types, providing key personnel with reliable data from which to manage the programs within the grant.

Benefit from Our Experience and Expertise

Outsourcing your C-level financial management to experienced specialists like LWI allows you to invest 100% of your efforts in realizing your nonprofit mission, while resting assured that you financial operations are efficient, transparent and compliant.

To learn more about our CFO services for nonprofits or schedule your free initial consultation, contact us at 866-486-2042.

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