CFO Services for Technology

Technology firms have a particularly challenging set of financial management needs. Beginning with funding and forecasting, carrying through to cash burn monitoring and networking, each component of your accounting system builds and relies on the successful completion of the last.

While the technical aspects of accounting software and systems may be within your reach, the financial expertise associated with raising capital, developing a workable strategy and minimizing risk requires specific financial expertise.

Lescault and Walderman regularly consults with:

  • Technology firms
  • Software developers
  • Hardware manufacturers
  • Electronics companies
  • Medical technology enterprises

In addition to our technical accounting services, we also provide complete CFO consulting services, including:

  • Selecting the ideal business entity structure
  • Developing realistic budgets
  • Creating business plans
  • Designing internal controls
  • Identifying R&D tax credits
  • Auditing accounting, tax & benefit plans
  • Performing M&A due diligence
  • Identifying global earnings mobility strategies
  • Developing domestic, national and international tax strategies
  • Managing cross-border transactions
  • Board and investor consulting

Tech Start-up Consulting

Revolutionary ideas and cutting-edge concepts are just the price of admission for tech start-ups. To give your business the best chance to succeed, you’ll also need to identify and implement the right operational tactics, including entity selection and tax planning. LWI understands the unique tax specifications and codes that apply to the tech industry and helps new companies select the ideal structure and deploy smart tax plans that avoid underpaying or overpaying on future taxes.

Accurate Data and Ample Cash Flow

Once you’ve established your business, you’ll need to make sure you have access to two key lifelines:  accurate financial data and ample cash flow. We are well aware of the challenges facing technology companies regarding expensive capital equipment, software licensing and talent procurement. That’s why we first ensure effective accounting processes and systems. These provide accurate financial data that can be used to help secure lenders and financial backing. It also enables us to offer clear strategic advice during critical stages, and operational forecasting for optimal profit and cash flow management.

Financial Mentoring

Whether your future goals include private funding, an IPO, an outright sale or long-term succession, LWI has the expertise and experience to provide reliable financial mentoring. We can advise on everything from board set up to transparent financial reporting to revenue pass-through and succession planning. In addition, we can provide asset and liability protection and wealth management that serves both the executives and the business.

We work with tech firms in all growth stages, supporting entity selection and business planning for start-ups, delivering tax advice and regular auditing services to growth stage companies, and consulting with key executives of mature companies on everything from personal financial issues to global earnings strategies.

To learn more about our CFO services for technology companies or schedule your free initial consultation, contact us at 866-486-2042.

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