CFO Services for Professional Service Firms

As professional services firms enter their growth phase, the need for specialized financial management and advice becomes critical. Faced with the challenges of attracting and retaining talent, consistently delivering quality service, managing cashflow and expensees, and maximizing profitability, many firms lack the additional resources required to engage the needed expertise.

Lescault and Walderman understands the importance of informed analysis and economic guidance and offers CFO Services for Professional Services Firms that ensure you have access to the best practice financial management techniques required for profitable operations and long-term success.

We provide CFO services to professional service firms, including:

  • Law firms and attorneys
  • Financial consultants
  • IT consultants
  • Management consultants
  • Professional business trainers/coaches
  • Training and development
  • Marketing

Our professional service provider CFO services center around:

  • Automated time, expense & project management solutions
  • Project-based financial management
  • Time utilization metrics
  • Project margins by type and client
  • Per employee revenue tracking
  • Project life cycle accounting
  • GAAP compliance
  • Tax planning & advisement
  • Audit-readiness*

*Our services support the needs for audit preparedness and coordination with third-party auditing firms.

Third-party Time & Billing Solutions

As a professional services consultant, your time is your most valuable asset. Absolute efficiency and maximization of time is critical for short-term profitability and long-term success. We work with several industry-specific third-party time and billing software solutions and work to identify and implement the ideal system for each of our clients.  From simple and accurate time tracking to real-time project management and insight, expense tracking to client invoicing, our solutions make it easy to make the most of your time.


Expense Reporting & Management Solutions

Using manual and non-integrated expense reporting and management processes can be a time-consuming task. Through our software, we are able to automate and integrate expense management tasks and data, creating highly efficient accounting processes. This provides your CFO with increased accuracy, improved reporting capabilities and increased insight into day-to-day business operations.

From department expense tracking to project-based allocation, our approach makes it easy to manage the information that is important to your business.


Tax Planning & Advisement

Proper tax and entity planning is not just a single event or annual task. Our CFO Services focus on ongoing reporting requirements to minimize tax liabilities and ensure regulatory compliance. That’s why we offer thorough tax planning and advisement relating to:

  • Entity structure
  • Personal and corporate tax planning
  • State and local tax compliance
  • GAAP and audit compliance and support

To learn more about our CFO services for professional services business or schedule your free initial consultation, contact us at 866-486-2042.