Our Approach

At LWI, our CFO Services center around identifying and managing key operating metrics we call Growth Drivers.  By continually focusing our efforts and energies on these key metrics, we are able to deliver more consistent achievement of top and bottom line targets and ensure long-term success.

Evaluate Core Financial Structure


The first step to providing effective CFO Services is ensuring there are sound financials.  This involves evaluating the 5 components of the accounting core. Through our evaluation, we identify opportunities for improvement that will support the long-term success of our efforts. Ultimately, the CFO is responsible for overseeing the team that will implement and support the proposed initiatives (whether internal resources, client staff or a third party consultant).

Identify Growth Drivers


Our CFO Services focus on identifying key Growth Drivers that will make your business more profitable. We utilize proprietary software and data to benchmark our clients against industry competition. Then we look at general Growth Drivers and isolate the ones most important to your business. These are the key operational areas that will deliver the highest impact to your top and bottom lines.

Provide Strategic Guidance


Our CFO Services focus on strategic and analytical consulting that helps business owners affect change by achieving the targets set by the growth drivers. While it is important to identify growth drivers, the process does not produce value unless it is accompanied by actionable guidance.

Analyze & Create Working Models


We utilize best-in-class reporting software to combine benchmark, financial and statistical (nonfinancial) data to develop key performance indicators (KPI). These indicators and the related target data points are used to monitor and evaluate the progress of growth driver initiatives.

Forecasting and Planning ServicesForecasting & Planning


Based on the previous processes, we create budgets and forecasts for future periods. We then use these to track the expectations and success of our growth driver initiatives. Planning for 12-month and 3-year time periods allows for cash flow planning and estimating your business’ valuation throughout its lifecycle.

Do you know how you stack up against your competitors?

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