Our Growth CFO Services

Do you have sales of between $5 and $100 million? Are you experiencing a growth stage and losing track and control of the true state of your expenses? Do you need to know what key performance indicators to use to track and scale your organization’s success? Do you understand your key growth drivers and how to use them to reach the next level?

Typical Characteristics of Our Growth Stage Clients

We serve clients in a wide variety of industries, customizing our offering based on the unique situation and needs of each. Following are just of the characteristics of our growth CFO clients:

  • Experiencing rapid growth
  • Finding it difficult to get high-level information
  • Experiencing declining gross profit margins
  • Experiencing higher than normal turnover
  • Seeking to deploy new products and/or services
  • Having multiple entities and/or business models
  • Needing strategic and analytical financial advice
  • Facing an increasingly competitive environment

Over the years, we’ve worked closely with professional services firms, nonprofits and government contractors, but we are equipped to provide CFO Services to companies in nearly any industry.

What’s included in our Growth CFO Services?

Lescault & Walderman provides fixed-fee Growth CFO Services that include:

  • Access to industry data through proprietary software
  • Customized reporting using Microsoft Power BI
  • Specialized C-level financial expertise
  • Access to reporting via web and mobile apps
  • Utilization of proprietary software for budgeting and analytics

Our growth CFO services are offered as a complete financial management solution. We begin all engagements with a detailed evaluation. This involves evaluating all accounting policies, procedures and systems, performing due diligence and assessing business processes to determine current effectiveness and provide guidance on improvements.


After the evaluation is complete, we move on to establishing ideal reporting and budgeting procedures to support our findings during the evaluation phase. This involves defining and designing appropriate reports and creating and implementing an effective budget.

Finally, we perform industry benchmarking, analyze price points and develop financial models to identify realistic targets. This includes identifying leverage points and KPIs and developing the strategies and tools to address performance gaps (we also offer assistance with raising capital and turnaround services as applicable).

While serving as your part-time CFO, LWI personnel assist in maintaining accurate and reliable accounting processes and systems, providing useful reports and bridging the gap between past and future financial operations.

If you’re in need of financial expertise at the C-level on a less than full-time basis, contact Lescault and Walderman today at 866-496-2042. We have the staff to guide you through your current business challenges.

Do you know how you stack up against your competitors?

LWI offers a FREE evaluation and industry benchmarking report to prospective clients to demonstrate our approach and value.
We work on a retainer-free, hourly basis to deliver customized services that meet your individual needs.