Sage Intacct Software

Our partnership with Intacct Cloud Financial Management Software affords us a great opportunity to consolidate the critical financial aspects of our clients’ businesses, including:

  • Cash flow management
  • Inventory management
  • Time and expense management
  • Project accounting
  • Sales and use tax management
  • Contract and revenue management
  • Multi-currency and global consolidation
  • Contract and subscription billing

Sage Intacct’s accounting, project management and resource planning capabilities enable us to automate accounting processes and provide transparency and visibility into financial data. This end-to-end solution delivers efficiency and insights that help to secure financial capital, reduce operating costs, provide critical expense and AP/AR oversight, ensure adequate cash flow and profitability and improve financial decision making.

While Intacct can be deployed for nearly any industry, we specialize in conversions and implementations in the following industries:

  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Professional Services Organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Technology

Benefits of Using Intacct Software

Intacct streamlines the processes associated with strict statutory requirements, making it easy to track and report on both funding sources and program expenses. Thanks to the robust financial reporting tools in Intacct, communicating with and maintaining accountability to donors and boards is much simpler.

Intacct aggregates and automates operational and financial processes throughout the service engagement. This helps management to more accurately quantify performance and set targets, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability.

Intacct enables the monitoring and auditing related to HIPAA requirements, the centralization of multi-location operations and the consolidation of financial statements and reports for real-time strategic management.

Intacct simplifies and manages complex subscription billing models through integration with Salesforce CPQ and streamlines ASC606 compliance with automatic contract-to-cash revenue recognition. It is truly the ideal tool for scaling your organization from startup through growth through IPO, delivering the controls and automation to solve challenges related to subscriptions, billing and changing metrics.

Our expertise and certification with Intacct allows us to deliver superior implementation, customization and integration. Because the financial management needs of each client are unique, each of our Intacct implementations are completely customized. While we use industry templates as a starting point, management objectives ultimately direct the enhancements and integrations that will ensure the final solution becomes a long-term asset.

Many of our clients start out using Quickbooks, which works great for early stage financial management. Unfortunately, the manual processes and limitations end up burdening these clients as they grow. For those companies, we offer carefully-designed and deployed upgrades to Intacct. The result is a much more robust and comprehensive financial management system with improved automation and financial controls that allow for more efficient business scaling.

For those clients who are already familiar with the Sage family of financial management tools, we offer upgrades to the full-featured Intacct system. This allows them to move away from time-intensive manual processes while providing improved financial visibility through clear and well-organized dashboards and real-time financial reporting capabilities. In addition, Sage Intacct is ideal for multi-entity, multi-location organizations with more dynamic accounting requirements.

While Great Plains was once a leading financial management package, cutting-edge cloud-based solutions such as Intacct offer significant improvements and benefits. Ease of use, increased integration and multi-entity capabilities are just a few of the reasons we've helped our clients migrate to Intacct - the only AICPA-preferred financial management solution.


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